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Five Essential Tools for Internal Communication

Advances in technology have made internal communication easier, meaning we can communicate with team members effectively beyond borders and time differences. Now that we live in a time where remote working is becoming increasingly common, let’s see which communication tools are used in business and what their benefits are. Knowing which communication tools fit best in your company or team will boost efficiency and establish a great atmosphere in the workplace.

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Slack is a useful real-time chatting app for team communication.  It comes with individual and team audio calls and videoconferencing. Slack makes communication with your teammates very easy because you can create “channels” and “hashtags” in the app and thus organize multiple teams and projects. You can also share files in the app, all conversations are subsequently searchable, and you can save important messages so you can easily revisit them whenever needed. It is just like any other chatting app but optimized for business. Additionally, Slack is compatible with other interfaces such as Outlook or Google Hangouts. So, if you are already using these interfaces, Slack is an easy tool to integrate with them.

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BlogIn is another excellent platform for internal communication. It is an internal company blog where you can share knowledge and expertise. Have you ever felt like you had no idea what exactly other departments are doing? By using this app, you can share your work with others as well as get some inspiration. BlogIn allows you to share news and announcements, exchange knowledge, ideas, and suggestions as well as get feedback. It keeps all team members informed and up to date by collecting all relevant information on the platform, and it is available to everyone all the time. An internal blog is very useful for advanced and transparent communication. Everyone can benefit from BlogIn.

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Trello is a great platform for project management. It allows you to keep track of projects and tasks. You can create different boards for your projects, with cards that contain specific tasks. You can assign tasks to team members, and it is very easy to move the tasks from cards, from one person to another. For example, you can create one board for your marketing project for one product, then see who is responsible for what tasks. Trello is not only great for seeing the big picture of all projects, but also for keeping track of what has (or hasn’t) been done and by whom. It allows you to see the progress at a glance and is helpful for more efficient task management.

Microsoft Teams communication tools
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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office offers everything that you need for business: e-mails, shared calendars, chats, meetings, videoconferencing, Office, and much more. It offers Microsoft Teams, which looks and functions similar to Slack. Microsoft Teams also integrates with Microsoft’s other interface much like Skype. It is compatible with many other interfaces for communication so that you can use Microsoft as a basic communication tool in the company.

Zoom internal communication
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Zoom is a very simple, easy-to-use interface for videoconferencing with a screen sharing function. It is easy to set up, and all you need is just one click to create the room and join the meeting. Its straightforward functions as well as pricing options have attracted a lot of businesspeople. It allows up to 100 participants in one room, and the stable environment makes remote communication much easier.

With more and more businesses adopting remote working, knowing great interfaces can definitely be beneficial for you. These apps that were introduced for chatting, project management, videoconferencing, and internal communication offer various pricing options depending on your business size. Check them out and see which one fits you. Let’s take advantage of modern technologies. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to more straightforward and clear internal communication, saving you time and stress!

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