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Finding a Job During a Global Crisis

The world is going through one of the most difficult crises in years, which is affecting every country as well as the global economy. Who could have imagined that a virus could impact us in this way? Some companies are cutting down personnel or restructuring and looking for new options to combat the crisis. In light of this, here are some tips on how to look for a new position during a job crisis.

Look for the right market

Some job markets will remain static but others are growing rapidly according to the new needs of society. Many industries like aviation, steel processing, horticulture and NGOs will take more time to recover according to the BBC. If you were working for a company in one of these industries, it might be time to take action, change your professional path and begin searching for jobs. You’ll find some advice about what to do to find the right position for you here.

Get ready to adjust and adapt

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If you’ve been working in the same field for a long time, you might need to be prepared for big changes in industries and companies. Be aware of this, and seize the opportunity to change. Changing your mindset can be hard, but it will help you to stand out in the crowd. Studies show that some of the benefits of career change are increased job satisfaction, feeling happier, more fulfilled and less stressed, learning new skills, and maybe even earning more money.

Here are some tips to help you get there:

1. Be willing to work remotely if applicable.

2. Acquire new skills or enhance your knowledge through free online tools or courses, for instance.

3. Evaluate your career satisfaction.

4. Talk to contacts in an industry you are interested in.

5. Consider an alternative role in the same industry.

Take growing industries into account during a job crisis

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You might have noticed that lots of new types of industries and start-ups are expanding at the moment, so it’s a good idea to check if your career experience is suitable for these companies. For example, the digital and IT world is growing faster than ever, but due to the current situation, pharmaceutical companies and retailers are changing as well.

Set a target

After reading and researching about what your future options could be, start by making a list of your target companies or industries. Use your career as a starting point. If it allows you to progress in several areas of industry, the first step is to make a list of them – for instance using the filter function offered by our platform. Another action is checking your skills to ensure you know what you need to highlight when applying for a new position.

Work on your resume

Perhaps the most important task of all is to consider if your CV meets the requirements of the country you’re applying for. Be creative and specific but clear in terms of the information you provide. If the country or region needs you to include a photo in a specific way, follow their rules. Be aware that some companies only require a plain CV. Finally, it is highly recommended to write a cover letter that outlines your motivation and your current situation. If you are looking to change your industry, in particular, you should describe why you think you are suitable for the position and how your experience can be applied to this specific job.

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Don’t ignore your network in a job crisis

Talk to old acquaintances or at least stay in touch. If they have you on their mental map, there’s a high chance that they will think of you for a particular role or recommend you where possible. Having an account on LinkedIn, Facebook or Xing is not enough – it’s better to actively use it, and post or repost interesting articles to make sure you’re visible at all times to potential employers. Don’t forget to reach out to friends when searching for a job during the crisis. They may know someone who knows someone who needs to fill a role at their company: you never know!

Don’t stop searching during the job crisis

It is important that no matter how much time you spend looking for a job, never stop doing it. Due to this crisis many companies are looking for special and talented professionals with experience in different fields. Set a daily routine with a specific timeframe to search for a job. You might get tired from job searching, but if you stop, nobody will knock at your door offering you a position. Focus on improving your actions to change what is not working. And take into account that every region has its own requirements and needs.

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Stay positive

Last but not least, the key is to never lose hope. You’re trying a lot of different things and looking for the best options, but your hard work will pay off in the end. After all, you only need one positive application. Remembering this is easier said than done, but it should help you keep your hopes up high.

Hopefully this advice will help you land a new job, despite COVID-19.

By Gabriel Giraldo

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